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Car Wash App
Mobile app for on-street
car wash and orders dashboard
Design by Notyetdefined
Code by Bytecrackers
Mobile app with smart widgets
e-commerce, API-s
Javascript, HTML, CMS

A startup needed an app and dashboard to offer a novel car wash service straight on the streets of London. We helped.

The app had to be easy to use, so we decided to go for a wizard-type user-story through a few smart screens.

For example, first of these is "location" screen, with options to specify the car location in three different ways - by using GPS, by dragging and zooming the map and by entering the nearest address.

API-s include DVLA lookup and Stripe in-app payments.

The app is built using BC CMS and includes full backend to manage orders on server side.

First step - map screen
Second step - car details