We create digital
U+I Screen
An interactive experience for
visitors to U+I headquarters
Design and content by Realise
Code and sensors by Bytecrackers
XL touchscreen app with 4K content,
dynamic loading, sensors
Javascript, PHP, CMS

Instead of bored waiting, visitors to U+I can now dig deep into the best projects and the brightest ideas of the company.

The central piece of the new installation in reception is an 84'' touchscreen running interactive presentation talking about news, plans and history of the company.

There is tons of updateable content, dormant and user participating modes, physical world interaction - in order to achieve all the needed functionality, the system is built on our CMS with custom dynamic frontend.

The stand went live with more than 11 GB of UHD (4K) video and about 500 high resolution images on 52 slides.

The stand has sensors to detect if anyone is near enough to ask them to step close and answer a question.

When there is no reaction or user leaves, the stand returns to the automatic mode.

Topics page featuring eight different videos at the same time

Processing power is provided by Intel's Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK graphics micro-workstation.

This allows to run four fullscreen 4K videos and animations at the same time.

The stand contains two ultrasound LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 sensors with up to 20ft/6m detection range.

It is possible to use up to four sensors with this installation and use directional feedback to show content depending of user location and direction of movement.