We create digital
Victoria Hall Kings Cross
Modern student living
website with full CMS
Design and content by Realise
Code by Bytecrackers
BC CMS, dynamic loading
Javascript, PHP

The goal of the site is to sell the premium student accommodation. The presentation has to be modern, elegant and clearly show the worth for the price asked.

The static design was provided by Realise Creative. In order to get this polished feeling, we decided to build the site as one page webapp to get more fluid transitions between the pages.

There is a downside - webapps are more risky. Even one broken panel can render the whole site unusable. To overcome this we used our CMS. This has robust, standardised and well tested methods to work with dynamic blocks and page partials.

Contact map features live journey planner links.

This makes considering the location of the student housing in relation to colleges and universities easier.